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The Transwarmer

The Kludge Audio 510 transwarmer is a mellow and soft sounding audio transformer with all associated parts needed to make it work. You just drop it into your 500-series rack or console and apply signal, no need to worry about matching impedances or loads. The transformer used is specially designed to match the sound of a classic model that we liked the sound of, but built with modern materials to make it much more convenient, reliable, and affordable than the original.

Just like our 506 Equalizer, it takes the best parts of traditional technology and the best parts of modern design to integrate classic sounds into modern studios. At $249.00 it is an inexpensive investment for the future.

For this or any other Kludge Audio products, please contact your local professional recording products dealer, purchase off our page, or contact us directly.
Last updated 20 Sept. 2017
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