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Kludge Audio products bring classic technology into the modern world with traditional signal processing circuits built to interface with modern equipment and with precision and repeatability that was not possible before. We have a line of three signal processing products that fit into standard 500-series racks and will be adding more soon.

These products are built with hard gold edge card connectors, anodized and engraved front panels, and silver switch contacts for reliability and long life. They are still hand-assembled in the USA like they always have been.

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Other Audio Services

We provide remote recording services for all kinds of acoustic music, please contact us with information on your event for details about what we can do for you.

Man with portable audio equipment
We have several options for Recording on the Road.
We’ve been doing this for… awhile.
Scott Dorsey working Washington Folk Festival
We work events ranging from folk festivals and science fiction conventions to symphonic recording

Williamsburg, VA

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